Learn to Meditate Video Course from teaching balance:  Session 4 of 7

We will be expanding our practice today by including three possible anchors during today's 10 minute Mindful Awareness practice. This approach is my favorite because it gives one the option to shift from focusing on the breath to sounds or to the body.  You may have gotten the impression that I prefer to keep my practice a bit more loose, so it's probably no surprise that this is my go-to daily practice. 

I suggest you try the Mindful Awareness practice a few times before moving on to Session 5, but as always, feel free to move at your own pace.  Remember you can always go back to doing the body scan, breath awareness, or anything else we've done thus far.

As with all these practices, please remember to bring an attitude of kindness to you yourself.  Don't beat yourself up when your mind wanders, or if you skip a day of practice.  Try to be as kind to yourself as you can, and you will find that this attitude alone may give you the support you may need.   Enjoy!

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photo credit:  EJ Dilley