In this FREE 30-day challenge, you'll be guided through short and simple meditations that help you manage your stress and be at your best for your family, friends, colleagues, students, and YOURSELF.


  • We start with micro-habits.  Much has been written about the power of starting new, beneficial habits.  You'll learn strategies to ease in to this daily habit in a way that doesn't feel difficult.

  • Keep your practice fresh.  Over the course of the challenge, you will be given a variety of practices to try.  Different approaches and different length options.  Exposure to this sample pack of audio recordings will help you find the practice(s) that feel right for YOU.

  • Accessible and flexible.  Open the daily emails on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, and practice anywhere at any time.

  • You'll find your meditation "groove."  30 days will give you enough time to find what works for you and integrate a daily meditation practice into your life.  

  • Meditation is easy -- creating a daily habit is the tricky part.  The daily emails will be a gentle reminder to inspire you and support you with your daily meditation, no matter how brief.

Curious about what it looks like? Here’s a peek at the page for January 1st.