Why are we donating 33% of our profits to youth mindfulness programs?

Because kids and teens can benefit from this, too.  Whether they are an over-achieving AP student, an incarcerated teenager, or an elementary school student learning social-emotional skills, our youth can benefit.  There are exceptional programs and providers out there who are working to meet this need, and we hope to support them in this.

When we take time for self-care, it strengthens our ability to be at our best for our students, colleagues, and families.   We want to honor that choice by having your commitment to self-care financially benefit youth.

Kids or Teachers?  Students or Colleagues?  Youth or Adults?

 THIS girl could have used some mindful meditation, for sure.

THIS girl could have used some mindful meditation, for sure.

When I first started on this path, I saw how it benefitted me, and how it could also benefit others.  One of the first things I thought about was how I DESPERATELY wished I could have learned about this as a teenager (see angsty pic at right).

As a high school teacher, I work closely with teens and have had the opportunity to speak to certain classes and groups like student leadership, AP Psychology, and our AVID classes. While I hope to continue to do so, I have chosen to focus my energy on educators, so that they and their students can benefit.  

Help us support the programs and providers who are bringing mindfulness and meditation to kids and teens by joining us and becoming a subscriber.  

self-care for you = support for youth

all images my own
from top: my God-son in his back yard (yes, that's a trampoline and it's way too much fun) ~~~ me in the tenth grade, I think *shudders with recollection*