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Mindfulness meditation helps teachers like you experience more energy and less stress at their jobs.

Why I Created This for You

I know first-hand how difficult and stressful teaching can be. Before I began practicing mindfulness meditation these past several years, I would leave work most days physically and mentally exhausted. I would get home and feel i just didn't have the energy and presence I wanted to bring to my friends and family.

Once I learned about mindfulness and developed a daily meditation practice, I found that I had more ease in my life and work. The same stressful things would happen, but I just didn't get as upset and drained.

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The work we do as educators is demanding, both physically and mentally. I want you to have the same positive experience that comes with mindfulness and self care that I have had.

You Can Leave Work Feeling Good

Imagine if you went through your school day feeling positive, and you were undisturbed by all the little issues and challenges that can happen.The insensitive comment of a student or colleague wouldn't "stick" in the way it might have previously. In fact, you are able to understand that the comment wasn't about you, but about their own issues.

Picture what it would feel like to leave work feeling good, internally acknowledging everything that went well. When you get home, you have the energy to take a walk, give your full attention to everyone around you, and feel like you can enjoy your afternoon and evening more fully.

You can do this. Through the simple practices I show you - and only in a few minutes a week - you can create a fresh, regular meditation practice that can leave you feeling amazing every day.


"I owe Kristin a bit of gratitude. She introduced me to mindfulness with benevolence and grace and has continued to support and guide me through this process. With her help I have been able to give myself permission to take a breath, to sit quietly and to be in the present moment whatever that may be. Her teachings have become necessary part of my daily routines."

Mike Hoops, Science Teacher


What does the Mindfulness Membership include?

1. The Teaching Balance Core Practices (audio)

Audio recordings available for you to access in two ways: Pre-loaded USB drive you can plug into a computer or even a car's USB port, and online streaming from our password-protected SoundCloud page.

  • Breath Awareness Practice - The classic meditation where attention rests on the breath.

  • Mindful Awareness Practice - Mindfulness Meditation that focuses on your moment to moment awareness.

  • Body Scan Practice - A particularly relaxing mindfulness practice where we scan the body by resting awareness on one body part after another.

  • Kindness/Compassion Practice - An essential meditation practice that cultivates compassion for oneself and others.

  • Mindful Awareness with Chimes - The same Mindful Awareness practice with the addition of chimes ringing in intervals, prompting you to return your attention to the present moment.

Plus, you'll get two bonus practices!

2. Weekly Video Practice Subscription (video)

  • Every Monday morning you will receive a NEW video practice emailed directly to your inbox!

  • In addition to the 10-minute practice itself, there will be a written and verbal introduction explaining how this practice aligns with that month's mindfulness theme.

3. Access to the Members-Only Library of Practices

  • Over 100 different, themed video practices so you can see ones you missed or revisit your favorites!


"Kristin’s differentiated and nonjudgmental style of teaching is just what I was looking for. I love that I can open emails and watch the videos according to my schedule needs, which has allowed me to still practice with her while living in Asia."

Shannon Keown, Teacher Librarian

When you sign up for the Teaching Balance Mindfulness Membership for just $9 a month, you will benefit in two overarching ways:

You will be supported in establishing and maintaining a regular meditation habit. Kristin will help you keep your practice fresh, engaging and playful, while you simultaneously benefit from its clarifying and grounding effects


You will learn, internalize and embody a variety of mindfulness-based self-care attitudes. This includes compassion for yourself and others, acceptance and letting go, and creating healthy boundaries to support your relationship with yourself and others

The best way to reap the benefits of mindfulness and meditation are to integrate it into your life and practice regularly.

The easiest way to do this is to remove obstacles (make accessing practices as easy as possible) and allow gentle reminders (like weekly emails) to encourage and support you.

You will also be connected to a community of educators like yourself who are choosing to prioritize self-care and supporting each others' efforts to do so.

There are plenty of studies touting the benefits of mindfulness and meditation as a way for educators to avoid burnout and manage the stresses of teaching and life more effectively.


Through Kristin's teachings and themed meditations, you will internalize the habits of mind associated with mindfulness like non-judgement, emotional stability, presence, and compassion for oneself and others.

The Teaching Balance Mindfulness Membership is designed by an educator, for educators, with a singular focus on YOU and your well being. 

Your Coach


Kristin McKeown

I help hard-working teachers reduce their stress so they can be at their best for their students, colleagues, and families.

What began as a quest to reduce my own stress and be a happier, healthier teacher has evolved into a mission to bring mindfulness, meditation, and self-care to my fellow educators through writings, audio recordings, and video practices.

In order to best serve my colleagues, I have trained through several programs, including the Mindful Education Institute, Mindful Schools, and SMART in Education.

I am also an avid reader of all genres, including personal development books. Don't be surprised when I reference the works of both traditional mindfulness teachers like Jon Kabat-Zinn or Pema Chodron, as well as popular authors like Brene Brown, Jen Sincero, and Amy Cuddy. I read them all, and integrate their lessons into my posts and practices.


"Along with the video practices that Kristin provides in weekly emails, I enjoy the monthly Teaching Balance newsletter emails which contain additional support materials. The links to articles, book suggestions/reviews, and her personal words of kindness and support are not only encouraging but also practical. Whether you are just beginning to practice mindfulness and meditation or have been doing it for years, it’s nice to know you’re not alone and that others are out there feeling and thinking the same way you are. I love how Kristin connects the practices to real-world events and shows us a multitude of ways to effect change in our lives for more peaceful, less stress-filled days."

Hollie Hawkins, Teacher Librarian


"Kristin has given me the tools I need to keep practicing mindfulness. She makes it convenient for me to meditate with her when I need it. Her approach is very realistic and I am encouraged after every video. Mindfulness is really changing my life and how I deal with students. Thank you Kristin for making this possible and so easy."

Lynn Tozier, Deans' Office Administrative Assistant

My Guarantee

stress management

I'm confident you'll be happy with the Mindfulness Membership and all it has to offer.
But, if for some reason you don't, then I’ll gladly give you a full refund for the yearly subscription within 60 days.
Monthly subscribers can cancel at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm completely new to mindfulness and meditation?

You are in the right place! Through the Core Practices audio recordings and the Weekly Video Practice Subscription that come with your membership, you will be introduced to many introductory approaches to meditation, including mindfulness meditation and kindness/compassion practice. The weekly "sits" are only 10 minutes each, so they are completely approachable for beginners.

I've been meditating for a while. Is this membership for me, too?

Absolutely! If you are a more advanced meditator, the Weekly Video Practice Subscription will help you to keep your practice fresh. Every month will have a specific theme focusing on teachings and practices that will complement whatever your established practice may be.

I'm super busy - can I still use this with a hectic schedule?

I completely understand how jam-packed schedules can get, and that's why all these practices are recorded and available for you to access at your convenience. Part of the membership will include strategies to build a daily meditation habit, but if you don't have 10 minutes per day to practice, YOU NEED THIS EVEN MORE. :-)

Fall 2019 Bonuses

Bonus Feature: Online Community of Educators

  • NEW! Optional private Facebook group where you can connect with other Teaching Balance Mindfulness Members.

Bonus Feature: Periodic Live Virtual Sessions

  • NEW! Optional group Zoom calls with a live meditation practice, as well as Q&A. Recordings of Zoom calls will be made available to all members.


It's your choice...

You can continue doing what you've been doing (or not doing) to manage your stress.
You can choose to prioritize your self-care by carving out the time to learn mindfulness strategies and meditate regularly.

Think about how you would like your stress levels and your state of mind to be in six months from now, or even one month from now.

Do you have a plan to get there?

You can use all the resources available to you with your Mindfulness Membership to create and maintain your regular meditation practice while learning the mindfulness-based habits of mind that you can integrate into your daily life.

What will you choose?

It’s time to find your balance - just click on the button below and get instant access to the Mindfulness Membership resources today!

Please Note: Fall 2019 Enrollment Closes at Midnight on Wednesday, August 28th