How I Can Help

Interested in the online support of the Mindfulness Membership to develop and refine your meditation practice? 

Ready to take a deeper dive into personal development with One-on-One Personal Coaching

Questions about bringing the "Less Stress" workshop or mindfulness presentations to a group of educators at your school? 

Take a look at my services below, and for more information, contact me.

Mindfulness Membership

Get one year of instruction and support in establishing and maintaining your meditation practice. 

Through Kristin's teachings and themed meditations, you will internalize the habits of mind associated with mindfulness like non-judgement, emotional stability, presence, and compassion for oneself and others.


Group Coaching

Reap the benefits of more intensive, personalized guidance on your journey to self-awareness and personal development.

Group Coaching offers a more customized approach to integrating mindfulness and meditation into your everyday life.   

*Group Coaching is currently closed.  Click below to join our mailing list and be the first to hear about the next open group. 


Workshops & Presentations

Small group breakout sessions or full-faculty workshops and presentations are available.  

Have your participants leave this event feeling knowledgeable about mindfulness and its implications for impacting their lives, as well as the experience and tools to begin a fruitful meditation practice immediately.

Contact Kristin for more details and to discuss rates and availability.