You've got this.

Let's keep this simple.  Whether you've tried meditating before or not, I believe it is worth giving it a try or giving it another go (which is not particularly surprising because that's what this whole website is about, right?) 

Before we begin, I want to invite you to let go of what you think meditation is, or what you want to get out of it, or that it's something you "should" do.  I suspect you already have lots of things on your list of "shoulds"; let's not add one more.  Let's describe what mindful meditation is, is by clarifying what it is not.  

Meditation is not about clearing your mind of thoughts. 

Thoughts will come and thoughts will go.  Your job is to just see them for what they are: plans, fantasies, worries, memories, etc.  

When you recognize them for what they are, just the images and bits of language playing on the "movie screen" of your mind, it becomes easier to let them go (even if it is just temporarily).  You are aware of the thoughts as they arise and fade away, and then gently bring your attention back to the breath or other anchor of attention. The great thing about it is that for however long you've chosen to practice, YOU GET TO TAKE A BREAK from following or chasing after your thoughts.


We could all use a break, right?

I know, you're busy.  Crazy busy.  I get it.  All the more reason to take a minute (or a few) to pause, ground yourself in the present moment, and take a short break from chasing the many, many thoughts that are rolling around in your mind.  

It takes effort to recognize that your mind may have wandered and that you've gotten lost in thought, but it is that moment of recognition that you're looking for.  That "waking up" to the present moment is the exercising of your mindfulness "muscle."  You'll do it again and again (and for goodness' sake, don't be mean to yourself!  These are no-being-mean-to-yourself moments!)

So let's give it a try -- you may be surprised by how much more thoughtfully and skillfully you will be able to respond to all the demands of your crazy busy day. 

If you'd like to hear a bit about posture, play the video from the beginning.  If you'd prefer to skip to the 10 minute practice, it begins around 4:35 in.  Enjoy! 

photo credit:  EJ Dilley