August 2019 - Be Gentle With Yourself

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August 2019 - Be Gentle With Yourself

Welcome back to school!

We are rested and refreshed, and many of us are returning with what I call "the seductive optimism of the new school year."

Optimism about the awesomeness of the year ahead is a great sign of a positive mindset. We also need to be realistic about how demanding it can be to be an educator. When you start signing up for extra responsibilities, ask yourself if you will have the same energy and enthusiasm eight weeks from now.

Remember to be gentle with yourself, know that transitions are hard, and cut yourself some slack if you can't "do it all."

July 2019 - Trust

July 2019 Trust.png

July 2019 - trust

When trust is present, we feel a sense of peace.

Whether you have chosen to "trust the process" or embrace some other form of trusting, doing so releases you from feeling the need to fix/push/pull/force things.

Trust is the loosening of a too-tight grip we've held for longer than we realize. It is an opportunity to feel the relief of letting go of what you think you know, and to open your heart to truths you might not have previously considered or wanted to believe.

June 2019 - Rest & Relaxation

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June 2019 - Rest & Relaxation

Welcome to summer and all the opportunities it offers to rest.

Some of us find ourselves entering June so exhausted that we have no other option than to stop and recover. Others may have hit the ground running and are already on the road or knee-deep in work or projects. Summer allows us the spaciousness we need.

Whatever your circumstances this month, I invite you to rest and relax with intention. This may take the form of stillness, and it may also be an activity that rejuvenates you. Check in with yourself to discern what is restorative for YOU, and then do what you can to make it a priority.

May 2019 - Letting Go

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May 2019 - Letting Go

Letting go is about moving forward. It is the action of setting down the emotional burdens that we no longer need to carry. It is the choice to cut our tether to the limiting beliefs that hold us back. It is about releasing our attachment to what is familiar but no longer feeds our soul.

And it is not easy.

But once this seed is planted, it begins to germinate. You realize that it is one of the most empowering things you can do. My invitation to you is to reflect on what you feel it is time to let go of, and take the tiniest of steps to make it happen. Then allow yourself to welcome how this creates space for what is to come.

April 2019 - Self-Embodiment

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April 2019 - Self-Embodiment

How often do we think about our bodies? We respond to the obvious signals to eat, drink, and sleep, but otherwise, we often go through our daily lives living only in our head. We're list-making, planning, evaluating, and thinking. While these mental activities are necessary, they would be further supported by dropping in to our bodies and feeling what it feels like to be in the flesh we occupy.

When we're not in-tune with our body, we miss the more subtle signals it sends. Your body may be telling you that you need rest. Or movement. Or a bigger change of some kind. This month I invite you to pause and allow yourself to truly BE in your body and see what you (and it) needs.

Sitting with Difficult Emotions

Sitting with Difficult Emotions

Sometimes I delude myself into believing that I’m past the challenges that impacted me in my youth.  Then I’ll notice that I’m being triggered by something unexpected and realize that I still have work to do on acknowledging my unresolved issues. 

These past few weeks have been an example of this. 

I have started telling people about the fact that I’ve decided to retire early, specifically at the end of this school year.  What’s interesting is that sharing this decision is making it feel more real, and the fact that it feels more real is bringing up several unexpected emotions. 

The most dominant emotion I’ve observed is guilt.

The Self-Care Practices You'll Actually Do

The Self-Care Practices You'll Actually Do

I love wisdom quotes. 

I enjoy reading them (and underlining or highlighting them) in the books that I read.  I enjoy sharing resonant quotes that I find on social media.  I’m the kind of person who is always looking for insight, either in the form of lighthearted encouragement or in deep wisdom.

The right inspirational quote at the right time can be uplifting enough to keep you going through a challenging time.