WHY SELF-embodiment?

We each only get one body, and the more in-tune with its signals and needs, the better able we are to care for it. Self-embodiment is an extension of self-care, and supports us in taking care of ourselves so we can continue to care for others.   

Hard-working and driven professionals can be tempted to compromise their physical wellness in order to focus on what they’ve deemed “more important.”  Healthy food, adequate sleep, and physical movement take the back burner to supporting others and making a dent in our ever-expanding to-do list.   

Ignoring our physical health and wellness at best prevents us from supporting others skillfully, and at worst can stop us from fulfilling our calling as caregivers altogether.  Self-embodiment invites us to “drop in” to our bodies so we can feel more connected to our physical selves, which in turn grounds and stabilizes us in the present moment.