Making the Most of Mornings in Bed

Take it Easy:  Making the Most of Mornings in Bed

I was going to title this with something more “racy” sounding, but I couldn’t do it.   While bedroom-related topics are certainly relevant to wellness and stress management, the racier stuff is not the topic of this particular post (perhaps another time). 

Realizing that June is rapidly coming to a close (noooo!), it dawned on me that I need to squeeze in at least one more post inspired by this month’s theme of “Take it Easy.”  Considering the title of this one, it’s probably not surprising that I thought of this while still in bed the other morning. 

Ah, summer mornings.  As an educator, odds are you don’t need to wake up to an alarm or jump out of bed to get to work this time of year.  If you do, it is by choice.  Whatever your summer mornings look like, I would like to offer some ideas about how you might further indulge in the pleasure of lingering in bed. 

I realize that some people aren’t snugglers.  If you aren’t, feel free to skip this part.  If you are – ISN’T SNUGGLING THE BEST???  I would gold-medal snuggling if it were an Olympic sport.  The obvious version of awesome snuggling would be with a partner, of course, but it could also be with a child or a pet or a favorite stuffed animal (yes, I am a grown woman with a blue stuffed ghost named Spooky – don’t judge).  Whatever or whomever you’re snuggling with, I would invite you to take the time to savor the pleasure and comfort that morning snuggles offer.

Another way to eke out a little extra time in bed would be to do some mindfulness practices.  You could do a body scan, whether with a recording or just in your head.  This would be a gentle way to ease into your day while also becoming more present.  You can also do something less formal.  For the last few months, I have been doing a very short “practice” of thinking of three things I’m grateful for first thing in the morning.  It seems minor, but I have found it to be a very effective way to turn my thoughts away from worries and plans and sometimes feeling overwhelmed even before I get out of bed.  Instead, I find that this gratitude practice softens me and helps me feel more positive and appreciative.  The trick is to try to think of three new things each day, otherwise I would feel grateful for my warm, comfy bed every time. 

Whether you indulge in snuggling, do a body scan, or practice thinking of three things you’re grateful for, I invite you to take the time to linger in bed at least a few times this summer.  While we can’t make these precious weeks last longer, we can at least enjoy them as fully and deeply as possible.