October 2019 - You Only Get One

October 2019 - You Only Get One Body.png

October 2019 - You Only Get One

Being an educator is a calling.

What you do is important and necessary and makes the world a better place. Being of service to others is hard-wired into you. Even with all its challenges, you love teaching and making a difference in the lives of others every day.

When our work feels like a higher calling, it is easy to lose sight of the value of things that seem "less important," and that can include your health.

This can look like not getting enough sleep, eating what is convenient instead of what is nourishing, or choosing to do something other than taking time to move and stretch your body with intention. This isn't about six-pack abs or other societal idealizations of fitness. This is about the fact that you only get one body. In order for you to do your important work well, and to be able to KEEP doing it, I invite you to consider sustainable ways to take care of your body for the long haul. We need you.