Summer Vacation Mindfulness Practice

After all the buildup, it is here -- SUMMER VACATION!

Whether your school year is over or the end is right around the corner, I've recorded a "very special" practice for the beginning of summer (see below).  In addition to a 10 minute meditation, I've included an intro that offers a few practical tips for keeping up your practice now that your schedule is different.

It might seem that this is a time when you can be more lax with your daily meditation. Yes, you are probably going to be less stressed this summer than you would be during the school year. As tempting as it may be to practice less regularly, I suggest you do the opposite

Summer vacation offers us the opportunity to practice more regularly, and perhaps even work in some longer sessions. Remember that your daily practice is what allows you to handle issues, whether large or small, more skillfully and with more ease. I invite you to take advantage of this gift by keeping the momentum of your practice going (or getting it started)!

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