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Teacher Self-Care: Saying Yes to Saying No

Teacher Self-Care:  Saying Yes to Saying No

Self-care is what keeps us feeling good, both mentally and physically.  When you feel both physically healthy and mentally strong, you are able function at a level that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.   I’ve written before about why self-care and self-advocacy are not selfish.  It allows you to effectively and resiliently support all the people in your life who are counting on you. 

How, then, do we introduce more self-advocacy and self-care into our busy everyday lives when we’re so often focused on everyone else?

How Are You?

How Are You?

You might feel that you are too busy to stop and consider this question.  I understand.  You might not actually want to know the truth of your experience right now.  I get that, and I realize it can be uncomfortable and perhaps even scary to find out what the answer to the question might be.  

In spite of all this, I'm inviting you to check in with yourself and see what comes up when you ask, "how are you?" in earnest.