self care is not selfish

Teacher Self-Care: Saying Yes to Saying No

Teacher Self-Care:  Saying Yes to Saying No

Self-care is what keeps us feeling good, both mentally and physically.  When you feel both physically healthy and mentally strong, you are able function at a level that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.   I’ve written before about why self-care and self-advocacy are not selfish.  It allows you to effectively and resiliently support all the people in your life who are counting on you. 

How, then, do we introduce more self-advocacy and self-care into our busy everyday lives when we’re so often focused on everyone else?

Self-Care is NOT Selfish

Self-Care is NOT Selfish

As caregivers, teachers are hard-wired to put others first. I’m not going to try to convince you to put yourself first. What I am going to do is explain why prioritizing your self-care is not about you, but is actually about being of benefit to others.