Learn to Meditate Video Course from teaching balance:  Session 3 of 7

The practice for this session is Breath Awareness.  Breath Awareness is the classic practice that people think about when they picture someone meditating.  Having the breath as the object of your awareness, or "anchor" can be very calming, and developing a deeper awareness of your breath can also be helpful in everyday life. 

I recommend trying the Breath Awareness practice for several days before moving on to Session 4, but it is up to you.   Also, if you feel that the 5 minute practice in this session just isn't enough, you can listen to this audio recording of a 10 minute Breath Awareness.

In this session, you will be introduced to the idea of thoughts as images in the movie of the mind.  If you would like to revisit this concept, you can read a bit more about that using the link above.  Enjoy!

photo credit:  EJ Dilley